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Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership logoEnrollment is now open for the 2017 Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP). During the 2016 season, over 400 volunteers collected data on over 220 lakes statewide. Monitoring will help you understand the health of your lake, and whether that health is changing over time. Volunteers receive training and materials to collect data and understand it. The CLMP is part of the Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps), our statewide volunteer lake and stream monitoring program.

Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program




DNR’s New Web-Based Map Displays Inland Lake Habitat Information

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently launched a new web-based mapping tool - the Inland Lake Habitat Viewer - to provide the public with information about the state’s inland lakes. The tool is ideal for those interested in learning more about habitat conditions in an individual lake, or how habitat conditions vary among lakes in the state.


Water use at road ends and along parallel roads

Water use at perpendicular versus parallel roads: Where are public versus riparian rights? Don’t let perpendicular versus parallel roads get crossed in your head. There are differences in public use and riparian rights. Read more from Michigan State University Extension.


What is reasonable use of Michigan’s waters?

Reasonable use means one’s own use of water cannot unduly intefere with navigability or the rights of others to reasonably use the water. But what exactly does that mean? Learn more from Michigan State University Extension.


Clean Boats, Clean Waters season wrap up

Clean Boats, Clean Waters volunteers and staff celebrate another busy season of keeping invasive species out of Michigan lakes and waterways. Catch up on their noteworthy accomplishments, and learn how you can be a volunteer hero, in this new article from Michigan State University Extension.


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