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The first Michigan Inland Lakes Convention was a great success!

Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership logoThe Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership thanks you for your interest in Michigan’s first joint conference dedicated to Michigan’s inland lakes!  Nearly 400 lake enthusiasts and professionals converged on Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls May 1-3, 2014. Visit our Convention page to learn more. 



Clean, Drain, Dry! New DEQ video highlights importance of keeping boating gear clean

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality held a boat wash and Landing Blitz during Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness week 2014 to remind boaters of the need to clean, drain and dry boats when moving between lakes. Michigan’s waters are already dealing with more than 180 nonnative species!



Keeping an Eye on Hybrid Watermilfoils in Michigan Lakes

(J. Herbert, Michigan State University Extension, and R. Thum, Grand Valley State University) Grand Valley State scientists warn that native and invasive watermilfoils are hybridizing. Genetic testing of plants can inform management decisions. Read more…

Aquatic Invasive Species “Greatest Threat to Michigan’s Tourism Industry”

(B. Bhakta, Michigan State University Extension)  On a local level, both terrestrial and aquatic invasive species (AIS) pose serious threats to the health and vitality of area lakes. Read more…

Clean, Drain, and Dry Your Gear to Prevent Introduction of Invasive Species

(B. Bhakta, Michigan State University Extension) Eliminate the route for hitchhikers trying to make their way into Michigan’s inland lakes. Find out how…

DNR highlights great fishing in Michigan’s inland lakes

''“Reel In Michigan’s Fisheries”, DNR Fisheries’ quarterly publication, highlights fishing in Lake Gogebic, Lake Mitchell, Lake Cadillac and Otsego Lake, as well as Michigan’s wood turtles and more in their July issue. Read more…

Grass carp are illegal to use as aquatic plant control in Michigan ponds and lakes

(R. Kinnunen, MSU Extension). Aquatic plants are an important part of the ecosystem, especially in ponds managed for sport fishing, and require proper maintenance and control to keep the aquatic environment healthy. Read more…

Lakes convention attracts hundreds of lakeshore owners and professionals

(J. Herbert and P. Filice, MSU). The inaugural Michigan Inland Lakes Convention brought participants from across Michigan and beyond for three days of hands-on workshops, presentations and networking. Read more…

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